Virtual Office

Virtual office is a new business concept which does not bind the business subjects for a particular residence. The use of modern means of communication, virtual offices fulfill all legal and professional standards of the classic office and registered seat of the company, while at the same time allows users to significantly reduce costs while maintaining image of high professionalism.

Virtual office

The term "virtual office" implies service at the business premises itself, however, the full application includes professional live and direct communication.
Virtual offices are experiencing huge growth, especially in times of rapid and dynamic development of the market, due to the high level of functionality and efficiency, but also in times of crisis, due to the significant cost savings. Companies trying to cut costs, by opening a virtual office make considerable savings, while still keeping the image of the renowned company, based in the city business center and generally preserve the appearance of highest standards of modern business.

As the trends are increasingly moving in the direction of doing business "online", the idea of ​​the Lease becomes old fashioned. Previously inevitable office space and full-time office employees can be replaced by opening a virtual office, for the minimum cost.  With virtual office the client gets a registered office, business address, administrative professionals, e-mail address, mailbox, mail checking, correspondence, telephone lines, professional phone answering and various additional administrative services, all at minimum cost.