Virtual office packages

In the virtual office packages we provide the following services:

Virtual office packages

Business address and registered office
Each registered company must have its existing office and business address. By obtaining our address in the business center of New Belgrade, the most prestigious business part of Belgrade, and thus Serbia, the company resolves this issue in the best manner.

Mailbox - receiving, forwarding, scanning and sending e-mail
We receive and organize all mail, as well as forwarding it to the agreed address. To make the process more efficient, received documents can be scanned and sent via the Internet.

Fax and e-mail correspondence, SMS notifications
As well as in classic office, correspondence by fax and e-mail is available, and SMS notifications can be sent upon request.

A separate phone line and answering machine 24/7
The client may choose to have a separate phone line on which you can get calls intended for only that company, as well as activating answering machine on that number, which is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional phone answering, taking messages and call forwarding
Our professional staff will answer every phone call, giving some basic information and, if necessary, take a message or forward the call.